The Thomas Watson Reading Room

From The Christian Soldier, or Heaven Taken by Storm

While this electronic version comes from an out of print edition, Northampton Press has just published Heaven Taken by Storm I highly recomment Northampton's version as the language and sentence structure have been modernized without losing Watson's style.

See also a collection of quotes and excerpts I've taken from this work. You may also find the Roman Numeral page helpful to explain Roman Numerals.

Part 1, taking heaven by violence.
Part 2, offering violence to ourselves.
Part 3, First and Second Duty, we must provoke ourselves to reading and hearing of the word.
Part 4, Third and Fourth Duty, we must provoke ourselves to prayer and meditation.
Part 5 Fifth Duty, we must provoke ouselves by self-examination.
Part 6, Sixth and Seventh Duty, we must provoke ourselves to sanctifying the Lord's day and holy conversation.
Part 7, The Christian Offering Violence to Satan and the world.
Part 8, The Christian Offering Violence to Heaven
Part 9, Arrows of Reproof and Apostasy
Part 10, Examination and Objections
Part 11, Resumed Exhortations
Part 12, More Exhortations
Part 13, Hindrances, Directions, and Conclusions to Offering Violence